UTF grant and financial support

If you are studying a subject or working with projects relevant to the subsea sector, you are eligible to apply for a grant or financial support from UTF.

The objective of UTF is to promote increased knowledge of the subsea industry. One of the foundation’s initiatives is to contribute financially to research and development. This is achieved through grants, and also through financial support for research and educational institutions or individuals.

Some of the projects we have supported

Bergen University College, Florø department:
Bachelor studies in underwater technology (annual financial support until  2016) (

VilVite (Bergen Science Center):
Subsea technology installation; explore an oil rig in 3D at 850 meters   depth

NCE Subsea: funding for the work towards “Global Centre of Excellence” status

Who Can Apply?

The UTF grant is awarded to students, pupils or company employees studying subsea related subjects or working with projects in this specialist field. In addition to increased knowledge and inspiration for the individual, the aim is for this to benefit the sector in the long term.

Financial support is awarded for specific projects through which a person or organisation builds expertise and experience and then communicates this to the sector. Personal grants can be awarded to Norwegian citizens who are in education or who are developing his/her expertise within specific areas of subsea technology. Personal grants will, in general, not be awarded to candidates also receiving support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

It is in UTF’s interest to promote the results from the grants or the financial support. UTF prefers this to take place at one of the foundation’s conferences or at other relevant events. Project support is awarded for one year at the time, and has an upper limit of NOK 50 000 annually. For projects of a longer duration, support can be applied for several times but only up to a maximum of NOK 100 000 in total. The support from UTF can be combined with financial contributions from other entities.

Application requirements

Grant applications are forwarded directly to the UTF Chairman.
The application shall not exceed three pages, and must contain the following information:

  • Full name and telephone number of the applicant
  • Name, address and company registration number for the entity or organisation responsible
  • A description of the project or the study, including objectives, purpose, field, content, expected result and utility value, publication and distribution plan for results/findings, time-frame and budget, the amount applied for and payment schedule

If the applicant is awarded a personal grant, it must be specified whether the applicant also is eligible for support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. The reason why the applicant requires a personal grant and the amount applied for must also be specified.

Evaluation of applicants

UTF’s consideration of applicants for grants or financial support is an on-going process. Support/grants are approved at the foundation’s board meetings and in accordance with the relevant paragraphs and resolutions of the Norwegian Foundation Act. Details on criteria and application dates shall be advertised in a manner that ensures adequate information on the support as well as the grants. Applicants will be considered at the first board meeting following receipt of the application, and will thus in general be considered by the board within two months. All applications will be replied to in writing.

UTF reserves the right to refrain from awarding support or grants despite funds being available if the board is of the opinion that applicants do not fulfil the objective or the requirements of the foundation.

Standard regulations for project support or grant

Applicants approved for project support are obliged to accept UTF’s standard regulations as well as any other obligations linked to the support within three weeks of receiving the approval letter.

Form of payment and payment schedule are decided by the board, and will depend on the amount and planned use of the funds. Planned use of the funds will be specified in the approval letter.

The board is entitled to withdraw the support if the applicant is in breach of the foundation’s trust or the rules of the approval. It is also the board’s obligation to demand a refund in the event of serious neglect in connection with the project. UTF can demand to have the funds refunded if the project does not commence according to plan or is stopped shortly after commencement. The recipient of the support/grant shall inform the board of directors at UTF if the development of the project deviates significantly from the original plans.

It is the obligation of the applicant to actively promote the results of the project through lectures and talks or through articles in relevant media – or as a project report if the support/grant is for a for development project. The recipient of the support shall also prepare a final report for UTF with a short summary of the execution, results and financial aspects of the project. If any of the information is confidential, the members of the board are obliged to adhere to the restrictions in the documents received.

Guidelines for applications of scholarships and economic support for projects


UTF’s scholarships shall contribute to the realization the objectives of the foundation; to increase the level of competence in the field of underwater technology, and stimulate students and experts in the relevant field of expertise to educate themselves in underwater technology.

Project support

Economic support can be awarded to specific projects where one builds competence and expertise or knowledge within the relevant field of expertise is being distributed.

Personal scholarships can also be awarded to Norwegians citizens who are under education or building competence in relation to specific tasks or missions within underwater technology or disciplines related to underwater technology. Personal scholarships will normally not be awarded to persons taking education also supported by Statens Lånekasse.

It is in the Foundation’s interest to promote the results from the scholarships or economic support. UTF prefer that this is done as part of the Foundation’s conferences or in other relevant meeting grounds. Project support can only be applied for and awarded for one year at a time.

Project support is limited to a maximum of NOK 50.000 per year. For projects with a longer period of time, applying for several years, the total support will not extend NOK 100.000.

Project support from the Foundation may be part of the project’s financing plan with support from other contributors.


Applications shall be directed to the Chairman of the UTF Board. The application should not extend 3 pages and must have information as follows:

  • Telephone number to the person of contact
  • Name, address and organization number to the responsible institution or organization.
  • A description of the project or education that includes objectives, mission, field of expertise, contents, expected results and value of use, plan for publication / distribution of results (if relevant), schedule and budget, as well as amount for application and plan for payments.
  • If the application is regarding personal scholarship it must be noted if the education is also entitled to support from Statens Lånekasse for education. The reason of need for personal scholarship must be specified / described. Amount for application must be specified.

Consideration of applications

UTF have a continuous consideration of applications. Awarding of project support / scholarships will be decided in the board meetings with reference to the rules in the Law of Foundations regarding competence and resolutions. Information on the criterias and application dates must be announced in such a way that it ensures good information on the arrangements of support and scholarships.

Received applications will be considered on the first Board meeting. Applicants will therefore normally have their application considered within 2 months for the date it is received by the UTF Board. All applications will be answered in writing.

UTF is withholding the rights to not award support or scholarship even if the means are available, if the Board after a competent consideration find that applications do not fulfil the objectives and regulations of the Foundation.

UTF’s standard regulations for project support / scholarship.

Applicant who is awarded project support shall accept the standard regulations of UTF for project support and other obligations that come with the awarding of support, within 3 weeks of the award letter’s date.

The Board may chose the form and time of payment dependent on the amount of the project support and the planned use of the means. Plan for payment will be specified in the award letter.

The Board of UTF may withdraw project support by stopping further payments if the applicant abuses the relation of trust and the rules for the support (non-fulfilment). The Board is obliged to demand project support refunded if serious non-fulfilment

UTF is fully entitled to demand the project support refunded if the project is not started or is stopped shortly after its start. The recipient of the support / scholarship shall inform the Board of UTF if the development of the project varies greatly from the original plans.

The applicant shall actively promote the results from the project through lectures and speeches or through articles in relevant medias, or as a project report if it is a development project.

The applicant shall also give a final report to UTF with a brief description of the project execution, results and the economy of the project. If any information is subject to confidentiality, the Board’s members are obliged to follow the restrictions related to the received documentation.