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Keynote Speaker Highlight:
Hugo Dijkgraaf, CTO at Wintershall DEA

UTC2022 Day 2 June 16th

European energy perspectives at UTC2022

Perspectives on energy depend on where you are sitting. For mainland Europe, Norway is an important energy supplier of natural gas, but also a place where companies can focus on decarbonisation.

With its roots in Germany, but also 45 years operating in Norway, with 100 licenses, Wintershall Dea has a unique perspective. UTC keynote speaker and Wintershall Dea CTO Hugo Dijkgraaf says he’s looking forward to talking about his company’s activities in the offshore carbon management space and about the role for Norwegian gas in Europe’s energy future.

Hugo Dijkgraaf, CTO at Wintershall DEA

“Norway is uniquely positioned for the future,” he says. “In the short and medium term as a reliable supplier of the natural gas that Europe needs as it transitions to a low-carbon economy. And in the medium to long term as a home for low carbon solutions such as CCS and hydrogen.”

Those low-carbon solutions are accelerating, fast. Wintershall Dea is helping that acceleration, testing new business models and entering pilot projects. And Norway will be one focus for our efforts. Subsea technology will continue to play a major role for the oil and gas industry, and increasingly, new value chains and industries will be built on our joint subsea expertise.