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Keynote Speaker Highlight:
Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist at International Energy Agency

UTC2022 Day 1 June 15th

An IEA Perspective on Energy Markets, Emissions and Investments

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created an inflexion point in energy policy. Some states have already cut off their Russian gas supplies and the EU is considering similar moves. What does this mean for the energy transition, for Norway?

These are questions keynote speaker Tim Gould – Chief Energy Economist International Energy Agency will look to address during UTC’s Day 1 plenary session.

Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist at International Energy Agency

“European leaders have committed to phase out their dependency on Russian gas, oil and coal imports as quickly as possible, but what does that mean in practice for energy markets, emissions and investment?” he says. “How strong is the alignment between energy security needs and longer-term climate ambitions? How do we make all this add up to a coherent strategy?”

This is going to be a turning point, and we’re unlikely to go back to the deep reliance on Russian energy we had before. But where countries will turn to meet their future energy needs is still open.

Join our plenary session to hear Tim’s thoughts on how these issues might play out in international markets and what they might mean for Norway, not only in the short term, but also in 10 years.