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The Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) hugely appreciates the support of our sponsors. They help us to make our event a reality!

Jostein Aleksandersen Chief Executive Officer

Stavanger-based Neodrill is one of this year’s sponsor partners. We took time out with CEO Jostein Aleksandersen to find out more about Neodrill and why they support UTC. Jostein has more than 30 years experience in the offshore service industry, covering drilling, pipelines, subsea construction and marine operations.

UTC: Tell us about Neodrill Jostein.

Jostein: Neodrill is a service company providing robust and proven structural subsea well foundations. Since 2006, we have been replacing the conventional conductor with our CAN solution, saving money and CO₂ emissions, and we have developed this concept further to allow for even more cost and emissions savings.

UTC: What’s your view on the subsea market right now?

Jostein: The subsea market looks very strong and promising with announced increased spending and investment for the next few years. High oil prices and sanctions against Russia means we will see a long upward curve, as I see it.

UTC: Are energy companies open to trying new technologies, like those you’ve developed?

Jostein: Upstream companies are very keen on lowering their carbon footprints and are positive to new, cost-efficient technologies. We work with many oil and gas companies here in Norway and internationally to help them lower their emissions, as well as cost.

UTC: Tell us about your latest innovation, that you will be unveiling at UTC.

Jostein: We’re pleased to share our CAN-integrator, a new concept based on field-proven equipment that enables modular field equipment to be added to the CAN prior to installation. Think of it as an integrator between drilling and SURF (subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines). It will help reduce cost and emissions even further.

You can come and learn more about it in our talk in the Field of the Future Technical Session on Day 1 at UTC, in Room Klokkeklang at 15:30. Please do join us.  

UTC: Why is UTC such an important forum for you?

Jostein: UTC is the prime subsea conference, in my view. It’s also a great meeting place for all the key players in the Norwegian subsea sphere, where both the energy companies and the major suppliers are present. Also, it is more compact than some other broader events, where you might get lost in the noise, and it has a more relaxed atmosphere.

It always has a strong conference program with good keynote speakers as well as panel debates and good technical sessions, so it’s great value.

Who can delegates come and talk to during the event?

From Neodrill, our founder and chair of the board, Harald Strand, and our Sales Manager, Trine Lise Bjørvik, will be present at the UTC2022. Our COO Wolfgang Mathis will also be there. Together with Vidar Strand from Baker Hughes, he will be presenting our CAN-integrator during the conference. Please feel free to introduce yourself to any of us. We’re happy to answer your questions.