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Keynote Speaker Highlight:

Adri Postema, Engineering and Standards Director, JIP33 Programme Director at International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)

Kjell Morisbak Lund, VP License and Technology at Petoro

Adri Postema – Engineering our way through the energy transition – DAY 1 JUNE 15th


Future energy demand is expected to increase 10% and 25% globally in the next 30 years, with renewables likely to be the fastest growing source of energy. That means there’s a role for gas as a transition fuel that needs to be further amplified and advocated for, says UTC keynote speaker Adri Postema, Engineering and Standards Director at IOGP.

“Transitions take decades.  A complete and rapid switch from today’s 80% reliance on hydrocarbons to a net carbon free economy in the next 30 years with the bulk of activities having to take place in the next decade is a massive task. We need to focus on how quickly and broadly we can deploy technology to reduce emissions, sequester CO2, and put in place enabling policies for the rapid and widespread scaling up of CCUS and hydrogen projects.”

Subsea developments in general, compared with conventional topside developments, with their significantly lower carbon footprint, will play a key role, says Adri, who will tackle these key topics in his keynote.

“The subsea sector has always been quick to embrace technology and innovation. Subsea can help with the energy transition. Industry collaboration and standardization is necessary for cost efficient gas to replace coal; cost efficient gas to produce blue hydrogen and ammonia; cost efficient offshore CCS facilities.”

Kjell Morisbak Lund – Themes, changes and trends impacting future developments – DAY 2 JUNE 16th

With a third of Norway’s oil and gas on its books, state-owned Petoro has a unique perspective, from the macro right down to drainage strategies. UTC keynote speaker Kjell Morisbak Lund, VP Licence and technology Petoro, will set out a wide range of these to our Day 2 opening plenary session.

Today he sees that the industry has many difficult challenges, from financial and environmental sustainability down to data-driven drilling and drainage. These are key themes he’ll touch on in his UTC keynote speech.

But he’ll also reflect on some of the major changes now shaping the industry, from aging subsea infrastructure and net zero production goals to the implications of energy security concerns on reserves replacement in Norway and how value chains are yet to catch up with digital innovation.