Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

Call for Abstracts 2019

Subsea and beyond – The power to transform

Abstracts for UTC technical sessions now open!

Current subsea industry activity and outlook allow us to be optimistic about the future. Like the rest of the oil and gas sector, the subsea industry has shown remarkable adaptation to the lower energy price scenarios, through active technology development and transformation. Many companies have used the changing market conditions to explore alternative strategies, introducing new business models and taking technology and knowledge to applications outside the traditional oil and gas market.

There is no question that the subsea industry will continue to develop in the years to come.

The versatility of subsea technology will be instrumental to achieve the same innovative and business maturity in the total ocean space, as experienced for the oil sector. Gas will play a significantly larger role for environmental reasons. Renewable energy will become more mainstream as offshore wind, wave and tidal power generation pave their ways.

With a financially healthy and sustainable traditional subsea industry in place, a continued influx of the best human talents and focus on research and development, cross over from Subsea Technology will enable us to fully explore the opportunities for energy production in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

With the 25th UTC to be staged in 2019, the conference will once again strive to be in the forefront and will through a strong program and prominent speakers stimulate this technology development.


In addition to all the topics of interest listed below, where we continue to make remarkable progress, the UTC Program Committee is also soliciting presentations and papers related to the crossover discussed above. We are very much looking forward to receiving your abstracts, which will once again contribute to making UTC the main international technical conference within the subsea industry. If selected, please consider writing a paper in addition to the UTC presentation.

Additionally, UTC invites students from all parts of the world to deliver abstracts for consideration. We are interested in student projects at Master or PhD level (including 2018 graduates) in the field of subsea technology. The student presentations will be included in the technical presentations at the conference June 11th – 13th, 2019.








1. Field development/System solutions
– New technology and innovation
– Supplier led solutions
– Energy efficient & low carbon footprint solutions
– Competitive project execution models and experiences
– Early engagement, integrated solutions and front-end models
– Standardization
– Cost and value engineered solutions/systems
– Solutions for gas development
2. Asset management/Increased recovery/Life-of-field solutions
– New technology and innovations
– Subsea boosting/compression/processing
– Life-time enhancement and mature assets/facilities
– Condition based maintenance
– Digitalization/Big data/Data management
– Permanent reservoir monitoring and production optimization
– Instrumentation, sensors and metering systems
– New and alternative business models
3. Subsea technology – Renewable Energy
– Sustainability
– Offshore wind crossover
– Tidal crossover
– Carbon capture and storage
– Power from shore
– Low carbon footprint solutions
– Power generation and energy storage
– Environmental surveillance
4. Digitalization, power, controls and umbilicals
– Instrumentation and sensors/measurement systems
– Next generation control systems
– All-electric controls
– Subsea Power Distribution and Supply systems
– Electrical Penetrator and Connector Systems
– Umbilical and Power cable Systems
– Power Generation and Energy Storage
– Environmental surveillance
– New technology and innovations
5. SURF, SPS and Marine Operations
– Subsea long distance tie-backs
– Flow assurance challenges
– Pipeline solutions and materials
– SURF – SPS interfaces optimalizations
– All electric systems
– Installation, maintenance and repair
– Diving or diverless?
– Effective fleet management
– Integrated contracting models
– ROV and AUV enhancement
– New technology and innovations
6. Student presentations
– We are interested in student projects at Master or PhD level (including 2018 graduates) in the field of subsea technology. Please note that students have until April 15th to submit their abstracts.