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European energy perspectives at UTC; can we adapt to new expectations?

Today’s energy system is now more interconnected than it’s ever been and it’s going to become even more so, as new energies become a larger part of the mix.

What is the role for gas across Europe in this mix? How does societal pressure on the use of fossil fuels impact our investment decisions? What new low-carbon technologies should we invest in?

UTC 2021 has three top keynote speakers to help us tackle all these questions and more – Lundin Energy Norway managing director Kristin Færøvik, Aker Solutions CEO Kjetel Digre and chairman of natural gas advocacy Zakunft Gas Timm Kehler. They will explore the tension between what may seem like conflicting goals in our second Day 1 keynote session.


Kristin Færøvik will speak to the need for Norway’s oil and gas industry to adapt to society’s expections. That means reducing emissions and developing new technologies, but also continuing to explore and develop new fields in order to meet our ongoing energy needs.

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Following a career with Equinor, Kjetel moved into the service sector, first with digitalisation specialist Cognite and now, following a senior role at Aker BP, as CEO of the new Aker Solutions. From Kjetel, we can exect to hear about the how the low-carbon future looks from the supply chain perspective – both in terms of technology and as a business.

As Chairman of German Zakunft Gas, Timm represents 130 member companies across the entire natural gas value chain, from upstream to truck manufacturers. He’ll outline how Europe is a key natural gas market today, but also what the future looks like. Are the perspectives what we might expect? Are decarbonising technologies like blue hydrogen and carbon capture and storage attractive on mainland Europe and is there a choice? Timm will be our guide.

Join us at UTC, June 16-17, to be at the forefront of the subsea industry in the energy transition. UTC is co-organised by the Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF) and GCE Ocean Technology, supported by the City of Bergen. To register, visit our registration page. https://www.utc.no/registration/