Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019


Terms and conditions


1.1 DEFINITIONS: For the purposes of this contract, the terms below must be understood as


• BOOTH: The exhibition space setup by the exhibitor for exhibition purposes, including anystructure installed by the exhibitor.

• CONFERENCE: Underwater Technology Conference.

• EXHIBITION SPACE: The area rented for exhibition purposes.

• EXHIBITOR: The company or individual having rented one or more exhibition spaces.

• MEDVIND: Medvind Eventbyrå Vest AS, foretaksregisteret NO 919 308 044 MVA. The technical organizer of the Underwater Technology Conference.

• GRIEGHALLEN: The venue of the exhibition, located at Edvard Griegs Plass 1, 5015 Bergen.



Registration fee: NOK 4 500,-

Price per square meter: NOK 3 250,-

Conference fee for delegates: NOK 9 750,-

Fee for extra stand personnel: NOK 3 900,- (gives access to all the social gatherings, but not to conference proceedings)

All prices ex. 25% VAT. All exhibitors must book a minimum of 12 square meters of exhibition space.



The following services are included in the registration fee and sqm pricing: Partitions (walls)
Single power outlet – 16 amp
One exhibitor sign – with one company name (no logo)

Lighting (4×500 watt spots) Wi-Fi

One stand personnel included. This includes lunches and social gatherings (does not give access to conference proceedings).

Listing at with company profile and logo


1.4 MISC

MEDVIND reserves the right to take any action and make any change it deems necessary to ensure the exhibition runs smoothly and is managed properly.



Participation in the exhibition is by invitation only. MEDVIND reserves the right to accept or reject any request to reserve exhibition space. The exhibitor agrees to comply with the provisions of the exhibition space rental contract. This rental contract can only be modified by written agreement between both parties. MEDVIND shall not be bound by any verbal agreement or any change to this contract or one of its conditions. Furthermore, once an exhibitor has completed installation in the exhibition space, MEDVIND can require that the booth be modified or removed if MEDVIND deems the booth to be damaging to its business, professional or ethical interests. In particular, MEDVIND reserves the right to determine what is appropriate or not in terms of the mandatory standards for exhibition structures and booths. All exhibitors in default, in any way whatsoever, with respect to the CONFERENCE could be barred from participating in the exhibition. In such a case, MEDVIND has no obligation to reimburse any exhibition costs or settle any claim for damages whatsoever.



The exhibitor agrees to use the premises and the assigned exhibition space in accordance with the laws and regulations of Norway. The exhibitor agrees to respect all collective agreements and employment regulations in effect, as well as any agreement between MEDVIND and its official partners and the building housing the exhibition, GRIEGHALLEN. It isthe exhibitor’s responsibility to know and comply with all laws and regulations concerning fire prevention, health and public safety.



The required amount is to be paid according to this payment plan:

-First installment of registration fee plus 25% of the total square meter price, due upon signing this contract.

-The total amount is due June 1, 2019 at the latest.



Booth assignment is entirely within the discretion of MEDVIND. However, MEDVIND willassign spaces in accordance with the exhibitors’ priorities and preferences wherever possible.Spaces are assigned based on the MEDVIND’s general plan for the exhibition hall, the date onwhich the rental contract is received with the deposit and the required number of exhibition spaces. Certain privileges may be granted to preferred partners of the CONFERENCE or MEDVIND. Only the email with MEDVIND’s confirmation of stand number serves as validation that the exhibition spaces have been assigned.



MEDVIND may change the exhibition floor plan or relocate an exhibitor at any time. In such a case, the exhibitor will be notified of the new location by email. If the exhibitor informs MEDVIND that it does not agree with the changes or relocation within 14 days of receiving the email confirming the space number, MEDVIND will reimburse all of the payments made to rent the exhibition space, without prejudice and without any possible recourse for the exhibitor. After this period, however, the exhibitor waives the right to cancel participation with a refund.



The exhibitor must respect MEDVIND’s instructions and specifications with respect to the set- up and dismantling of displayed items. In the event of non-compliance, the exhibitor agrees to reimburse MEDVIND for the costs incurred. At the sole discretion of MEDVIND, measures may be taken to free up the rented areas, in which case the exhibitor shall assume the costs and risks of removing the exhibited items and materials.



All requests to cancel an exhibition space rental contract must be made in writing and sent to MEDVIND. Once the contract is signed, there are administrative costs that vary based on the date of cancellation.

When cancellation notice is received before May 1, 2019, MEDVIND will charge only the registration fee of NOK 4500 +25%VAT, and refund the rest of the installment paid by the exhibitor.

After May 1, 2019, no refunds will be made, and MEDVIND will still require full payment.

If the exhibitor abandons the exhibition space or leaves it vacant when the exhibition opens, MEDVIND will take back the exhibition space, and can use it for other purposes.



Each exhibitor must provide, in advance, the name and title of each person who will be in the assigned exhibition space or who will be responsible for installing, operating and dismantling exhibited items. Only these authorized representatives may install, operate and dismantle the booth. Any false certification, falsification or misuse of badges by exhibitors will lead to their expulsion from the exhibition hall and the convention. MEDVIND will have no obligation to reimburse any exhibition costs or settle any claim for damages whatsoever.



Exhibitors may not assign, sublet or share exhibition space, in whole or in part, or exhibit within this space any product not manufactured or offered by the exhibitor in the normal course of their operations, nor may they accept orders for such products in their assigned space, without MEDVIND’s written authorization.



All forms of advertising, soliciting or distribution of materials, including business cards, samples, souvenirs and publications, are strictly limited to the assigned exhibition space.



While exhibitors may handle their own materials and place exhibited items themselves, they can also make arrangements with MEDVIND prior to the convention. Decorator costs are not included in the exhibition space rental costs.



Shipping to Grieghallen can sometimes be complex. We offer logistics services through our partner company TL Logistikk. Please contact them for assistance with storage, transportation and shipping.

Stein Tvedt phone number +47 953 01 169.



Exhibitors may not bring or have delivered any food or beverages (alcoholic or not) not provided by GRIEGHALLEN. Any distribution of food or beverages, in any form, is prohibited, unless they are purchased from GRIEGHALLEN.



MEDVIND advises exhibitors that the City of Bergen applies the regulations of its fire department during the exhibition, and exhibitors may be subjected to an inspection by City of Bergen’s fire department at any time. Among other things, the fire department requires thatfire extinguishers be visible and accessible at all times, and that aisles and fire exits remain clear. Exhibitors must not obstruct the aisles and must remain within the space assigned to them. All exhibition and decoration materials (e.g. draperies, table covers, dust covers, decorative papers) must be flameproof. All items that may pose a hazard in any way whatsoever are prohibited in the exhibition hall, unless written authorization has been obtained from MEDVIND. Among other things, this ban applies to open flames, coal, liquid propane, liquid propane tanks, poisonous liquids and gases, and hazardous toxic products.



Exhibitors must keep the facilities in good condition and use them carefully and diligently. Modifying or altering GRIEGHALLEN’s walls, floors, ceilings or structural elements is prohibited. In particular, nothing may be posted, attached, nailed, screwed or otherwise installed.



Smoking is strictly prohibited in GRIEGHALLEN at all times.



MEDVIND will take every reasonable precaution to protect exhibitors’ goods duringinstallation, the convention and dismantling. However, under no circumstance shall MEDVIND assume responsibility for personal injury, or lost or damaged materials, products, displayed items or decorations due to fire, accident, theft or any other reason inside GRIEGHALLEN. At all times during the conference, the exhibitor must have sufficient insurance coverage to protect exhibited items from damage or loss, as well as third-party liability insurance to protect against bodily injury and damage to the property of others.



MEDVIND provides surveillance for the exhibition hall outside opening hours, for the entire duration of the convention. However, this service is not on the premises to continually monitor the booths, or the goods and materials displayed or left on the premises by the exhibitors or their representatives. This is an exhibitor responsibility at all times. MEDVIND is not responsible for bodily injury or lost or damaged property, materials or decorations due to accident, loss or any other reason, nor is it responsible for the safety of displayed items from fire, theft, damages, accidents, natural catastrophes or any other cause of destruction, or from any act prejudicial to rented public spaces, exhibitors or representatives during move-in or move-out operations, at any time during the exhibition on the exhibition floor or in GRIEGHALLEN, or during the transportation of objects to or from the exhibition or to storage. Insurance to protect exhibited items is the sole responsibility of and is paid for by the exhibitor. MEDVIND strongly encourages exhibitors to take and maintain normal precautionary measures, to protect their materials and equipment, and to sufficiently insure themselves and their property. The booths must be occupied by exhibitor personnel during all exhibition visiting hours.



If, for any reason, the exhibition cannot be held as proposed or MEDVIND fails to fulfill its commitments as set out in this contract, MEDVIND shall be released from any damage claim by reimbursing the amounts received from exhibitors. MEDVIND shall not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience of any sort caused by the water system being shut down, a power outage or a disruption in heating, lighting, air conditioning, telecommunications or any other service for reasons beyond its control or caused by an Act of God or force majeure.



An exhibitor will be in default if it fails to meet one or more of the obligations set out in this contract, whether the default is expressly stated or not. The exhibitor shall be in default through the passage of time alone; formal notice is not required.



This contract shall be governed, interpreted and executed according to the laws of Norway, in Bergen district court.