Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

Feel free to ask questions – and we’ll provide the answers

The organisers of the UTC field trip to the UPTIME Centre of Competence and other nearby places of interest have pledged that no question from visitors will go unanswered – no matter how difficult.

The trip, on June 16, is a joint operation between Bergen University College (Høgskolen i Bergen), UPTIME Centre of Competence and a network of players from both the industrial and the academic side.

Geir Anton Johansen from Bergen University College) and Knut Vindenes from UPTIME Centre of Competence, representing the academic and the industrial sectors, are jointly responsible for the trip.

The organisers believe that there is huge potential for cooperation between industry and the academic sector – and they have planned a workshop for the trip where they will explain their approach to bridging the gap.

The workshop, entitled Thunder from Down Under, will be held at MRC Solberg & Andersen in Åsane, just a short bus trip from Grieghallen. It draws on experience from Australia, where a best practice has been identified that will utilise the competence and possibilities available in the R&D sector and sets out to show that it is possible for high-cost countries to be competitive in the world market.

The programme includes a mix of academics from some of the most prestigious universities around the world with engineers from companies with local offices — Goodtech and MRC Solberg & Andersen — who deliver state-of-the-art solutions in the subsea market.

Knut Vindenes, Uptime Center of Competence

Knut Vindenes, Uptime Center of Competence

Knut Vindenes of UPTIME Centre says: “It is important for us to show the media that collaboration between scientists and engineers is far more than just good intentions and well-meaning words, and that we have some challenges to solve.

“The UTC Bergen conference is important in general and this year it is extra important as the industry is going through tough times. Right now – in this demanding market situation – we consider it crucial to combine efforts; scientists and engineers must work very closely together.”


Written by Eloise Logan