Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

Global Subsea University Alliance: Providing Talent for Industrial Future

Several world-renowned engineering universities collocated with the oil and gas industry. These universities have come together to address the workforce development in the area of subsea engineering.

Their vision is to link strong universities in the world which teach graduate-level subsea engineering courses, to enable them to work together for long-term sustainability and best practice of subsea engineering knowledge dissemination. This presentation offers the results of its year-long efforts defining a subsea engineer, creating a core subsea engineering curriculum, and reviewing the best learning modalities and opportunities for individuals.

The Founding University Members of the Global Subsea University Alliance are:

• University of Houston, Texas, USA (M. Franchek)

• Curtin University, Perth, Australia (B. Evans)

• National University of Singapore (W. L. Loh)

• Bergen University College, Norway (R. Gjengedal)

• Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (T. A. Netto)


The Global Subsea University Alliance will be presented at UTC 19 June, by Geir Anton Johansen, Dean, Bergen University College, and will replace the student presentation by Evgeny Pribytkov. (Cancelled due to offshore assignment).