Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

HRH Crown Prince Haakon will attend UTC 2011

We are proud to announce that HRH Crown Prince Haakon will attend the subsea technology conference UTC in Bergen, Norway.

It was with joy and great honour the Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF) received the message that HRH Crown Prince Haakon has announced his participation at UTC 2011. UTC has been performing for more than thirty years, and thereby is one of the offshore conferences with the longest track record. This will be the first time a member of the Royal Family are present.

We are pleased that HRH Crown Prince Haakon will attend the conference, a conference that is regarded one of the most (maybe the most) recognized subsea conferences in Europe. We further hope that the focus and interest on Bergen region as a major subsea cluster area in Norway, will be known not only to the industry but also to the common citizens of the Bergen region.

UTC has during the last decade undergone major changes and developments, both with respect to content and number of participants. 
We find this very encouraging, and you can all rest assure that UTF and their partners will work even harder and more determined to make UTC among the top rank subsea conferences in the world. It is in this environment of enthusiasm we welcome HRH Crown Prince Haakon to the Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen.

– Henning Bødtker, Chairman, Underwater Technology Foundation

The first Underwater Technology Conference was held in 1980. It was an immediate success and the Conference in 2011 will be the 17th UTC. The subsea conference in Bergen has a well known history of presenting highly competent speakers on current and important topics regarding the subsea industry. UTC has over the years become one of the largest international forums and meeting grounds for the Subsea environment. UTC is a widely recognized conference which attracts participants from all parts of the international petroleum community. More than 600 delegates and 50 exhibitors are expected to attend the event in Bergen, Norway 8 – 9 June 2011. Delegates at UTC are executives, managers, engineers and other strategic and planning personnel related to the subsea field of the petroleum industry.

The UTC is hosted by The Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF). The UTF was set up during the pioneering period of the Norwegian petroleum era and arranged the first Underwater Technology Conference in 1980. The organization was formed by a group of key companies in the oil industry, in cooperation with classification, research and finance institutions in the Bergen area.

At UTC 2011 you will have the possibility to meet key note speakers giving their comments on todays situation in the subsea field of the petroleum industry. You will be able to choose from more than 30 technical presentations and visit an exhibition exclusive to subsea related companies. The main theme for the 2011 conference will be “Subsea Future – leveraging innovation and industrialization”.

Headlines at UTC 2011

“Subsea Chief Engineers Challenges” is a special new feature at the Underwater Technology Conference. During this session, subsea chief engineers from different operators will name and discuss their main challenges, with the hope of inspiring the audience to create solutions for the future.

Participants in the session:

Roald Sirevaag, Vice President Subsea Technology and Diving, Statoil
Dave R. Wilkinson, Senior Subsea Systems Consultant, Exxon Mobil
Per Arne Nilsen, Head of Subsea, Total
Peter Griffiths, Subsea Discipline Team Lead, Shell
David Brookes, Chief Engineer Subsea and Floating Systems, BP
Peter Blake, Subsea System Manager, Chevron
Moderator: Eva Kristensen, Managing Director, GE Oil & Gas Scandinavia, Russia and Caspian Region

“Subsea Future – Leveraging Innovation and Industrialization”
Participants in the session:

Owen Serjeant, President Subsea, Cameron
Mike Dyson, General Manager Well Engineering, BG Group
Stuart Fitzgerald, Vice President, Subsea 7
Mark Gittleman, Vice President, Oceaneering Intervention Engineering
Dr Robert L. Allwood, Chief Executive, Society for Underwater Technology

“Challenges with Subsea Solutions in the Petroleum Industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf” Finn Carlsen, Director for Supervisory Activities, Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

“Industrialization of the Subsea Business – from a Contractor Perspective”
Tore Halvorsen, Senior Vice President of Global Subsea Production Systems, FMC Technologies

“Global Subsea Market Outlook”
Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy

In addition delegates will be able to choose from over 30 challenging, innovative and forward thinking technical presentations.