Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

The most important meeting point in the subsea industry?

Organisers will claim that the Underwater Technology Conference (UTC) is among the key subsea events in the world. But how do participants view the conference?

– For Statoil, being present at the UTC is crucial. The conference is a very important forum for the subsea industry, says Roald Sirevaag, Vice President Subsea Technology and Diving at Statoil.

Hits the target

Statoil is probably the world’s most advanced operating company in terms of using subsea technology for increased recovery at existing as well as new fields.
One of the key reasons for us to be present at the UTC is the opportunity to communicate our expectations in such an excellent arena. As a major player in the subsea segment, we have a certain overview of movements in the industry and are, to an extent, able to predict the direction in which it is heading, says Sirevaag.
In his opinion, the conference has been a great success in respect of programme as well as speakers – particularly over the last few years.
– The focus on professional content is strong, which is good. We see delegates from Brazil, Australia and USA coming back. This is not only because the location is attractive – they are looking for something in return. When people like this visit year after year, we can assume that the conference hits the target and provides a forum the participants find useful, says Sirevaag.

Success stories on display

The subsea industry’s ambition is to go deeper, colder and longer, and Statoil aims to have the elements for a process facility on the seabed qualified within 2020.
To achieve this, development of new technology is paramount, and for Statoil this is another important reason to be present at the UTC.
-We encourage the development of new technology, and we know that this is crucial in order to realise our ambitions. Consequently, we do our best to support companies with success in this field. These are often smaller enterprises where good ideas have been further developed and commercialised in collaboration with us. It is important to put success stories like these on display to show all those with innovative new concepts that it is possible to succeed, says Sirevaag.

Current and important topics

An example of this development process is Framo Engineering. Over the years, the company has become one of the leading players in the field of subsea processing. Today, it forms part of OneSubsea (Cameron and Schlumberger), which is set to become one of the world’s major suppliers to the subsea industry. Jon Arve Sværen, Sales Director at Framo Engineering, has been coming to the UTC for the past three decades.
– My first visit was in the 80s. Since then, both Framo Engineering and I have been represented at every single conference, says Sværen.
According to him, the reason is simple – the UTC has become one of the most important meeting points for the subsea industry.
– Conference organisers have taken care to put important and topical issues on the agenda. Hence, the conference is of current interest – every year. As an example, subsea processing was presented as an important topic very early on. This turned out to be correct, and today it is an area that concerns the oil and gas industry as a whole, says Sværen.

Positive all-round

In his opinion, the conference does not only provide a useful forum. It also represents Norway in the global subsea market.
– Over the past few years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of international participants and speakers. This is important. Few sectors are as international as the subsea industry, and the UTC is in many respects Norway’s face to the world, says Sværen, and adds that the development is very positive and that his company will continue to be represented.
Framo Engineering is part of Schlumberger and plays a key role in the new collaboration between the two subsea giants Cameron and Schlumberger.
– To us at Framo Engineering, this is positive all-round. Our international presence is considerably strengthened, and this will help create further operational growth, says Sværen

Illustration: ©Statoil