Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

Market Insight Day – special feature with SYSLA

The photo is from a former Sysla Live event. Credit: Adrian Søgnen

Two hours with SYSLA Live at USF Bergen, 
right before the opening of UTC 2018!

It’s been a year since the merger of FMC and Technip. After layoffs and downsizing, it’s time to look forward. What challenges has the new giant faced in it’s first year? What has changed?

At Sysla Live, President for Europe, Rune Thoresen of TechnipFMC will share his experiences and his thoughts about the future.

Another alliance in the subsea world is Aker Solutions and Subsea 7. Are alliances and mergers the solution for the once competing companies in the subsea market? Senior Vice President Liv-Runi Syvertsen of Aker Solutions will be questioned at Sysla Live.

On the other hand, we have the smaller companies, and their inventions. A snake robot that can sneak its way into seafloor installations to detect what’s wrong. A suitcase that can do the work of two engineers. And subsea cameras that can change the way one is keeping control of the salmon in cages.

The three CEOs of Eelume, 4Subsea and Imenco will reveal how subsea innovation really looks like!

Sysla Live is journalism on stage. You will meet the decision makers in the significant businesses of the region, interviewed by our journalists. Let go of the traditional Power Points, let us break the surface of what’s really going on in the biggest businesses in Norway.

*The session will be in Norwegian. 

UTC participants can use the discount code at SYSLA live: UTC18