Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

PROGRAMME LAUNCH 2013: Global subsea challenges – managing the old and the new

It is a challenge for operators and suppliers in our industry to connect new and innovative solutions to ageing infrastructure and installations.

The challenge is most likely to grow as even more subsea tiebacks are installed, equipment gets refurbished, control systems is modified and updated, and a new generation of people coming in to the industry shall relate to and understand technology developed before they were born.
The UTC 2013 program is designed to highlight some crucial industry challenges, and to provide some valid answers. Our two panel discussions will definitely be interesting. So will listening to the thoughts of Kristian Siem from Subsea 7 and Rod Christie of GE, kicking off the conference with keynote presentations.
We have a treat for all participants. For instance, do you like the taste of something new? Getting to know OneSubsea should be something worth spending some time on. In addition, The Underwater Technology Foundation have funded a study on the (lack of) qualified people issue in our industry. This will be a global study documenting global status, as well as pointing to possible solutions and listing the most important training/education facilities for our branch. The complete report will be distributed to all conference participants.

The Programme have been launched online, and a printed copy will be distributed by mail the first week of April.

Look through the UTC 2013 Full Programme publication HERE

You can download a pdf short version of the Programme HERE