Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

Sponsorship opportunitites

UTC is a widely recognized conference, which attracts participants from all parts of the petroleum community. More than 900 delegates and 60 exhibitors will attend the event in Bergen, Norway (14) 15 – 16 June, 2016. Delegates at UTC are executives, managers, engineers and other strategic and planning personnel related to subsea technology.

The UTC host organization, the Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF), is a non-profit foundation aspiring to provide more insight into the subsea industry in our region. Profits are returned to the subsea industry in form of grants and funding of research projects.
The most important criteria for the future success of UTC is to keep the high level of the delegates attending the conference. A relevant and applicable technical program, as well as arenas for networking and discussions, have a high focus when planning for the event. The program committee consists of Norwegian and International professionals, from both operators and suppliers, ensuring a conference program of high standards. Delegates are invited to related events in the exhibition and at other locations in and around Bergen, which are cultural, social or professionally relevant.

UTC offers to types of sponsoring packages, based on two levels of profiling, Main Sponsor and Sponsor Partner. We have chosen an egalitarian sponsor strategy, not singling out any event or marketing item for sole publicity.

Please contact Possibility AS if you are interested in becoming an UTC sponsor.

Exhibition Manager

Ståle Aasgaard Eiken
Tel: +47 92 80 57 79


UTC Project Manager

Irmelin Grønevik
E-mail: /
Phone: +47 922 37 093