Aker Solutions – Truls Normann

Truls Normann Senior Vice President – Power & Controls, Aker SolutionsTruls Normann career has been centered around technology management, R&D and business development. This includes being responsible for development of subsea VSDs and switchgear in Ormen Lange Pilot, the power system deliveries in Åsgard Subsea Compression Project and heading the Electrification System FEED for Jansz […]

Aker Solutions – Phil Eckford

Condition monitoring of legacy subsea production control systems Subsea Production Control System (SPCS) in-service faults, failures, deterioration and degradation can impact the normal operation of Safety, environmental and Production Critical Elements. The potential financial, Health, Safety and Environmental consequences of failure of these critical elements can be significant. This paper presents a proactive monitoring and […]

Aker Solutions – Henrik Alfredsson

Multiphase Flow Splitting in Åsgård SCMS Åsgard Subsea Compression was successfully brought on stream in September 2015 boosting the gas pressure from the Midgard and Mikkel fields. Going forwards, the Åsgard Subsea Compression Phase 2 project will further increase the pressure ratio for the station extending the life of the field. A possibility to increase […]

Aker Solutions – John Murray

Subsea Data Transparency: Bridging the Operations team / OEM gap with data sharing Historically, subsea original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) lack visibility of product performance in the field. Customers share feedback only when failures occur, often with limited context recorded. In addition, OEMs are often not informed of component failures that do not impact production or […]

Aker Solutions – Zabia Elamin

Subsea compression enabling offshore CO2 EOR The unique properties of CO2 can be used to enhance oil production as a value-creating supplement to permanent CO2 storage. The CO2 will mix with the oil and make the oil flow more easily, thereby increasing the production of oil. CO2 will be produced with the oil and must […]

Aker Solutions – Henrik Alfredsson

Hybrid Multiphase Modelling – Predictive and Digitalized before first steel is cut Subsea Compression offers a low carbon footprint compared to topside offshore gas installations. Now and into the future we will use energy from an array of sources where gas will continue to play an important part. Producing this with the best available technology […]

Recruiting young talent

Mille Marie Isaksen Lillemoen and Parisa Bardouni A talk about students and young professionals UTC 2023 – Grieghallen, Bergen, Norway 13-15 June Mille Marie Isaksen Lillemoen Student, NTNU Mille Marie Isaksen Lillemoen is a green-transition enthusiast and Science and Technology Studies student at NTNU in Trondheim where she explores the intersection between technical and social […]

Aker Solutions – Fernando Popia

The future is now: All-Electric XTs for Carbon Storage and Hydrocarbon Production The worlds increasing need for more energy is making the energy companies search for hydrocarbons in deeper water and with longer distances between the well and platform (step-out) than before. As the current systems are designed to operate in shallow-water with relatively short […]