DNV GL – Gustav Heiberg

Creating efficient manufacturing requirements for subsea equipment The ability to produce oil and gas in the most cost-effective way will be an important going forward. To support this DNV GL have driven several standardization initiatives related to manufacturing og subsea equipment. One key initiative is a joint industry effort to prepare requirements for parts manufactured […]

DNV GL – Bjørn Søgård

All-electric for barrier elements Subsea all-electric has been discussed for at least 25 years, but has not yet been implemented to an industrial scale for well barrier elements. With the introduction of subsea compression stations, the default control and actuation principle is all-electric. However, for the simpler control system used for well barrier elements, the […]

DNV GL – Torbjørn Espeland

A revised DNV GL, RP-E101 “Recertification of well control equipment” reflecting new business models within subsea maintenance DNV GL has been involved in verification of maintenance activities on critical subsea well equipment for many years. In 2017 a new revision of our Recommended Practice DNVGL-RP-E101 was issued, based on continuous interaction with market partners that […]

DNV GL – Marte Aaberg Midtsun

WIN WIN – oil & gas joining forces with offshore wind The world’s energy industry is currently in a time of transition, endeavoring to supply the world with affordable, clean and reliable energy to meet the increasing demand. DNV GL proposed in 2014 the WIN WIN (WINd powered Water Injection) concept, combining the development of […]

DNV GL – Tore Myhrvold

Safety 4.0 – Demonstrating safety of novel subsea technologies Subsea is important for Norway and new concepts emerge due to need for cost reductions. Innovations are encouraged by regulations, but existing standards and guidelines may not provide relevant support for demonstrating safety of such new concepts. This restricts the envelope of solutions and may impose […]

DNV GL – Sofia Wilhelmsson

Establishing new Recommended Practice for Subsea Pumping System DNV GL is together with the industry running a joint industry project (JIP) working towards cost efficient subsea processing, called the ‘Subsea Processing JIP’. The objective is to reduce cost in a lifetime perspective and make subsea processing more competitive through standardization and alignment of technical requirements, […]