NOV – Marius Bjørn

Automated Pigging Operations Operators are constantly looking for new solutions to improve the economics of new oil or gas fields. Specifically, Operators could see benefits in the development of subsea solutions for long distance tie-backs to existing platforms or on-shore facilities. Pigging is an important part of tie-back pipeline maintenance and inspection, and NOV proposes […]

NOV – Torbjørn Hegdal

Subsea Water Treatment – A Unique Water Treatment Solutions Treating seawater at the seabed allows for a very effective disinfection and removal of particles, solving the traditional maintenance intensive topside solutions. Moving water treatment from topside to the seabed reduces weight and space requirements topside and simplifies the process significantly since weight and space are […]

NOV – Julie Lund

Results from NOV Subsea Storage Parameter Assessment Testing The Subsea Storage System is designed to store hydrocarbons with or without dissolved gas subsea at ambient pressure. This paper presents benefits from an operators and suppliers point of view. This storage system is energy-efficient with a low environmental footprint and is developed based on experience from […]

NOV – Eirik Dirdal

Subsea sea water treatment and injection – A cost efficient and flexible solution to increase recovery With the downturn fresh in mind, oil and gas operators are challenging the market to come up with innovative low-cost solutions to increase recovery and improve their margins. This is particularly important in mature areas like the North Sea. […]

NOV – Wilbert Ramos

Subsea all-electric for subsea storage systems All-electric subsea initiatives started some years ago and despite the fact that the main technology components are available and field proven, the adoption of an all-electric system solution is still a challenge for both Operators and Suppliers. All-electric has the potential to make subsea systems cleaner, fully digital and […]