OneSubsea – Erling Steinnes

South China Sea Field Redevelopment – Witness the Subsea Technology Evolution One field is in South China Sea with a water depth of about 330m. It was first developed with FPSO, subsea wells and the first electrical subsea pump in the industry, taking subsea processing a giant step forward. After producing for 12 years, it […]

OneSubsea & Aalen University – Carsten Mahler & Markus Glaser

Functional Safety in All-Electric Subsea Control Systems Objectives/Scope: This paper discusses a novel all-electric control system architecture that uses batteries instead of mechanical springs to provide the required energy for fail-safe valve actuation. To evaluate the reliability of the safety instrumented system, the functional safety principles are explored. Methods, Procedures, Process: The paper covers the […]

OneSubsea – Carsten Russenes

Digital Solution for Subsea Production Management As oil and gas operators invest in digital transformation, there is an increased expectation of supplier digital solutions that extend across the value chain and integrate with the digital philosophy of the operators. Advanced technology (sensors, controls, equipment, modelling engines, analytics and software) must connect to intelligent, automated and […]

OneSubsea – Thomas Lindvig

Fast-Track Intergrated Field Development: Optimizing and Accelerating Economic Project Returns Developing today’s subsea fields continues to grow in complexity. Most prospects are smaller yet located in deeper waters, with deeper well targets, located father from shore, and in colder regions. As a result, sanctioning projects in the current oil price environment is challenging, and adopting […]

OneSubsea – Kay Kristiansen

Cost and value engineered power system with a High Voltage subsea electrical induction motor – A simplification of the subsea power distribution system The power drive system of a subsea boosting application consists of a Variable Speed Drive supplying power to the subsea booster pump through an umbilical. Transformers may be used to elevate the […]

OneSubsea – Akshay Kalia

Case Study on Opex Savings Using All-Electric Technology All-electric subsea production systems have been around since the late nineties. Using a rigid product development and qualification program, various technologies have been already developed, installed, and deployed on subsea projects. This technology brings many advantages to the industry by enabling long tie-backs, eliminating hydraulics from the […]

OneSubsea – Kristine Solberg

Field experience from the world’s first subsea process cooler for wet gas compression Equinor and OneSubsea Processing have cooperated in developing and qualifying the world’s first subsea wet gas compression system which was installed at the Gullfaks field in the North Sea in late 2015. The system has been in continuous operation since July 2017. […]

OneSubsea & Shell – Jan Olav Fløisand & Andrea Sætre

Full scale testing of a game changing ultra-long step out power solution As part of the concept select phase, Shell has together with OneSubsea performed detailed power system analyses and executed several tests to validate the concept of providing power from shore on the Ormen Lange subsea compression development. The concept leverages pre-qualified and standard […]

OneSubsea – Jostein Tvedt

Fast track EPCIC contract model to maximize economic recovery utilizing mature subsea processing system In 2016 TAQA identified that continued production from the Eider platform was becoming uneconomic and instituted a wide-ranging review of options for the Eider field and its subsea tieback Otter. It was determined that the maximum economic recovery (MER) would be […]

OneSubsea – Arill Småland Hagland

Stones – the world’s first 15 ksi ultra-deepwater subsea pump Stones is a phased development that began production in September 2016 from two flowing subsea wells tied back to an FPSO. Full-field development includes six more wells from two connected drill centers, and a subsea boosting system to increase production and extend the life of […]