Wintershall Dea – Rikke Tittel

Rikke Tittel Master of Science in Marine Technology from NTNU 1999. More than 20 years of experience in the Oil&Gas business, starting with 13 years in Subsea 7 before moving to Wintershall Dea in 2013. Experience from asset management, field developments, engineering, subsea projects, procurement and Sales&Marketing. Currently working as Project Manager for Luna CCS […]

Wintershall – Hugo Dijkgraaf

Hugo Dijkgraaf Hugo Dijkgraaf joined Wintershall as a Production Engineer in 2000 and has held several technical and managerial positions in the company, before becoming Managing Director of Wintershall Norge in 2017. Previously he headed the Maria development in Norway as Project Director, a project delivered almost one year ahead of schedule and 25 percent […]

Wintershall – Kay Irmscher

Smart solutions in Maria ensuring safe and cost-efficient project execution The Maria development project was executed in an economically challenging time and the operator Wintershall had to turn every stone to make the development a success. The project was delivered almost a year ahead of schedule and significantly below budget. The presentation will explore some […]

Wintershall – Sindre Solland

Nova – Maximizing value by utilizing existing infrastructure The 9.9 billion NOK Nova project is currently in the execution phase after the plan for development and operation was approved in September 2018. This presentation will explain how the chosen development solution will lead to a sustainable field and how the team has achieved significant cost […]