Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

Take control of corrosion

Corrosion and erosion are among the oil industry’s worst enemies. To address this, ClampOn has developed a measurement instrument providing high-level corrosion control – subsea included.

– Both corrosion and erosion are a major problem for the oil industry. The most serious aspect is not the reduction in asset value, it is the hazard posed to people and the environment, says Dag A. Aldal, Managing Director at ClampOn.

Reduced risk

The Norwegian company ClampOn is one of the world’s leading suppliers of ultrasonic monitoring solutions to the oil and gas industry. The company develops and manufactures sensors based on advanced ultrasonic technology. Their latest invention is a sensor measuring the level of corrosion and erosion on and inside pipelines – onshore, offshore and subsea. The instrument measures the wall thickness over a pipe-length of up to 2 metres, and provides the operator with essential feedback on the rate of erosion and corrosion.
– Corrosion and erosion will weaken the pipe wall. Installing ultrasonic sensors allows the operating companies to build a picture of the quality and condition of the pipelines. Hence, the production and maintenance cycles can be adapted in accordance with the current pipeline quality, says Aldal.
This reduces the risk of unnecessary downtime and subsequent loss of income, and will also lower the risk posed to the environment.
– The technology will provide operating companies with information they have not been able to access before. Maintenance can thus be properly planned, and the risk of discharges is reduced. As a responsible operator, pipeline control is essential, says Aldal.

Innovation award

The company has spent 10 years developing the technology for the subsea market. BP has currently one system in operation in the Gulf of Mexico, but more have been ordered and will be ready for installation during spring.
– The technology is our own, and has been tried and tested over many, many years. We have had numerous requests for an earlier launch, but we have decided to wait until we are completely sure it is working according to our specifications. We are now confident it does, says Aldal.
They are not the only ones to believe in this technology. During this year’s OTC in Houston, the company will receive the “Spotlight on New Technology” award. This is an award presented to companies developing new and innovative technology for the future.
– We are of course very proud. It is an acknowledgement that we are on the right track, says Aldal.

A niche company – also for the future

ClampOn’s business strategy is to stick to what you are good at, and in their case it is ultrasonic technology and measurements.
– We believe that becoming the best within your field requires focus and commitment. Ever since the company was established in 1994, we have concentrated our efforts on ultrasonic sensors for the oil and gas industry. This will remain our key business area for the future, says Aldal.
In his opinion, those who focus on a wide range of products and services are often left behind in terms of specialist expertise and quality.
– It is not possible to be best at everything. We have found a niche market, and this will be our priority. However, within this niche we will invent and develop new products. Our ClampOn DSP Subsea Corrosion-Erosion Monitor (CEM) is an example of this, says Aldal.

The technology will be presented during this years UTC. Please see the programme for time and location.