Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

UTC puts interaction on the agenda

Increased efficiency and improved interaction will be key areas of focus at next year’s Underwater Technology Conference. These are crucial factors in order for the industry to retain a strong position for the future.

Next year, the topic of the conference is Subsea – facing new realities – Market and technology complexity, inspiring industry collaboration.

– The subsea industry is facing challenges in terms of technological collaboration as well as a squeeze on margins. An important element in the efforts to overcome these challenges is “connectivity”. This is a term usually associated with IT, but it is also highly descriptive of interpersonal relations. We have to be able to develop the skills needed for improved interaction and understanding. The information flow internally in companies, and also between competitors and collaboration partners, has to improve, says the new chair of UTC’s programme committee, Roald Sirevaag, Statoil.

Further sharing essential

There are numerous people in the subsea industry with excellent ideas for increased recovery as well as smarter and more effective work methods – elements that will contribute to increased profitability and a more viable industry.

– If we are unable to share this information, it is worthless. With enhanced communication providing clarity in terms of relevant solutions and approaches to challenges, we stand a far better chance of improving the rhythm of projects and achieving further progress, says Sirevaag.

Will generate business

A major challenge is the increasing complexity of the subsea industry. Oil and gas exploration expands into ever deeper waters and harsher environments. At the same time, the industry faces challenges in terms of reduced margins. Projects then become less attractive to investors, and the number of undertakings is reduced.

– To ensure access to work and continued interest in the industry, costs have to come down. This will generate more business in the long term. Hence, increased collaboration is essential – also between competitors. This will help strengthen the industry and its individual enterprises, says Sirevaag.

Improved basis for decision making

His ambition for next year’s UTC is for the participants to leave with more clarity as to what is required to further develop their own businesses as well as the industry as a whole.

– The insight provided at the conference will form a basis for concrete action and an improved market outlook for the sector. By simultaneously expanding the network, this will strengthen interaction between the individual enterprises and, consequently, the sector overall. If we achieve this, we have succeeded, says Sirevaag.

Next year’s conference will take place on 18 – 19 June in Bergen.