Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

Would you like to try real North Sea diving facilities?

NUI visit offers an unusual opportunity

Have you ever wondered what working conditions are like beneath the North Sea for professional divers? An upcoming field trip for attendees of UTC Bergen could provide the answer.

During the field trip visit to NUI AS, Bergen, visitors will be shown around the company’s hyperbaric facility. They will see the company’s fully operational saturation diving system, and there will be the rarely-offered possibility of trying a shallow chamber dive, breathing helium mix.

NUI offers test, training and hyperbaric contingency services for diving operations in the North Sea. Managing Director Rolf Rossland will be the host for the field trip, leading a guided tour of the test facilities, which include a 50m3 chamber for testing of equipment to 650 metres seawater (msw).

Visitors can also see a laboratory for gas analysis, a pool for technical testing which can carry out tests in less than 0 degree salt water, and a diving bell. Drinks and snacks will be available.

Mr Rossland says: “The possibility to introduce NUI and our services to the public and press during the UTC is very positive for a small company like NUI.”

Like many in the subsea sector, he describes the market situation as demanding, but points out that this is not the first time the industry has been in this position. “It is challenging,” he says, “but it offers new opportunities for companies such as ourselves that support our clients with cost-effective solutions.”

Rolf Røssland_Nui

Rolf Røssland, Nui

NUI is looking forward to making the most of the opportunities offered by the conference. “UTC Bergen is a good arena to meet potential users of our competence and services. We are also meeting potential partners for future cooperation,” says Rossland.