Bergen, Norway (16) 17 – 18 June, 2015

News from UTC

Feel free to ask questions – and we’ll provide the answers

The organisers of the UTC field trip to the UPTIME Centre of Competence and other nearby places of interest have pledged that no question from visitors will go unanswered – no matter how difficult. The… Read More

Tracerco’s Discovery Technology could make it ‘four out of four’ awards

Global industrial technology company Tracerco — which provides specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement equipment – is hoping to raise its tally of subsea technology awards to “four out of four” at UTC Bergen. The company’s… Read More

Would you like to try real North Sea diving facilities?

NUI visit offers an unusual opportunity Have you ever wondered what working conditions are like beneath the North Sea for professional divers? An upcoming field trip for attendees of UTC Bergen could provide the answer.… Read More

In retrospect III: Change is constant, even for giants like Troll

If there’s one thing that never changes in the oil industry it’s that the industry is constantly changing. A development concept chosen for a field one year could change by the next year, driven by… Read More

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