Join us Below the Surface of the Sea

Future oil and gas production will take place under water. The Bergen region is at the forefront globally in terms of operation and development of subsea technology, and it is the operational centre for a large number of the world’s some 4500 subsea wells. The Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF) is an independent entity aspiring to provide more insight into the subsea industry in our region. Join us in the deep.

We are hosting the oldest subsea conference in the world

Since 1980, Bergen has served as the host city for the world’s oldest subsea conference, and the driving force behind the event is the Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF).

The Underwater Technology Foundation is a non-commercial entity established in 1980 when several large oil-related companies joined forces to hold an Underwater Technology Conference in Bergen. At the time, the subsea industry was in its infancy, and the foundation was the first in the world to put on a conference with sole focus on this sector.

International meeting point

Ever since the first UTC, the conference has been a regular event in Bergen. For the first 30 years it was held biennially, but from 2010 onwards it became an annual event. In addition to the large Norwegian oil and gas operators, the proportion of international representatives is high – and is steadily rising. 22 different nations was represented in 2015. The conference attracts between 700 and 1000 participants annually. Hence, this June event in Bergen is an international meeting point for the world’s leading subsea technology companies. New technology is presented, challenges are discussed and UTF is the host and organiser.

Promotes knowledge

UTF is, however, far more than just the Underwater Technology Conference – although focus on this event is high. The overall objective of the foundation is to promote increased knowledge of the subsea sector in the Bergen region. This is something the foundation will achieve through conferences such as UTC which features an exhibition open to everyone interested in learning more about subsea. In addition, the foundation will hold exhibitions and meetings, and will contribute to research and training at university level.


To fulfil the latter, the foundation offers a grant available to applicants in need of financial support for a subsea related research or training project. The foundation would like to see more applicants for the grant, and encourages anyone with a relevant project to apply.

Read more about the grant and apply HERE


The initiative to establish Underwater Technology Foundation – UTF – was taken during the pioneering period of the Norwegian petroleum era. A number of major companies related to the oil industry together with classification, research and finance institutions in the Bergen area, formed an organization being responsible for the execution of the Underwater Technology Conference – UTC – having their first event in 1980. The conference was immediately a success with a new conference to follow in 1982. After the 1982- conference the need for a more permanent organization taking care of the “visualization” of the subsea industry in the Bergen region, was evident. Hence, UTF was established represented by the following companies:

  • DNB Nor
  • Community of Bergen
  • DNV
  • Statoil
  • BMW
  • CMI
  • Norwegian Petroleum Society

UTC which has been the major task for UTF, quickly established them as a widely recognized conference with participants from all parts of the international petroleum society and has attracted considerable attention. UTC has formed the economic backbone for UTF, making the aim of supporting development and education within the underwater technology area a reality.
Today’s members and organization are presented in UTF Board & Council

Board and council

UTF Board

  • Marie Bueie Holstad, NORCE (Chairman)
  • Hans-Erik Berge, DNV GL 
  • Stig Instanes, TechnipFMC (Deputy)
  • Tor W Knudsen, Equinor
  • Jarle Daae, Aker SO
  • Owe Hagesæter, GCE Ocean Technology

UTF Council

  • Ingvar Grøtberg, TechnipFMC (rådsleder)
  • Mads Eidem, DNV GL    
  • Neil Addison, Aker BP
  • Linn Beate Telles, Aker Solutions
  • Arne Olsen, OneSubsea
  • Bernt Skeie, Protech
  • Rolf Røssland, NUI
  • Elin Drange, Bergen Kommune
  • Gro Stakkestad, Equinor
  • Thomas Sunde, Subsea 7
  • Jon Arve Sværen GCE Ocean Technology
  • Thomas Nordahl, DNB  
  • Kristin Nebben, NPF


Behind the Underwater Technology Foundation are some of the most important players in the oil and gas industry as well as other key businesses and entities in the region.