Aker Solutions – Einar Winther-Larssen

The future is now: All-Electric XTs for Carbon Storage and Hydrocarbon Production The worlds increasing need for more energy is making the energy companies search for hydrocarbons in deeper water and with longer distances between the well and platform (step-out) than before. As the current systems are designed to operate in shallow-water with relatively short […]

SLB – Stephane Hiron

Advances in all-electric production systems Our world is simultaneously facing multiple energy imperatives, ranging from a growing push for the energy transition at a time of increased demand, new energy security issues and tremendous pressure on costs. With more than 70% of conventional hydrocarbon discoveries made offshore in the last 10 years, the offshore sector […]

Aker Solutions – Marius Asak

Next generation subsea power, protection and control systems supporting renewable energy applications As the world transitions to renewable power generation, the need for simple, reliable and robust offshore power systems is increasing. Aker Solutions will present a subsea power system for renewable applications with an example from tidal power, including subsea power collection hubs and […]

Benestad Solutions – Bjørn Simen Ljønes

Enabling subsea power distribution for at 66 kV The ongoing development of a 66 kV wet mate connector will close a technology gap and enable cost-efficient power distribution with subsea substations for 15 MW floating offshore wind turbines. The 66 kV operating voltage is a significant leap for wet mate connectors and beyond existing industry […]

C-Power – Reenst Lesemann

Powering subsea innovation through clean, ocean energy; an emerging opportunity for reduction of cost, complexity, and carbon-intensity using wave power systems. A stated focus for UTC 2023 is sustainable energy generation balanced with the traditional scope of underwater technology for subsea oil and gas production. Aligned with this focus is the increasing attention being given […]

Waveco – Inge Bakke

Pendulum Wave Energy Converter for efficient energy extraction from the low hight waves that dominate the wave spectra in coastal waters around the world The Pendulum WEC consists of a rectangular raft anchored to be aligned with its longitudinal direction parallel to the wave fronts. The waves will give the raft a rolling motion powered […]

NOV – Philip Brachet

Subsea Energy Storage Oil and gas operations as well as the global shipping industry need to identify and implement technologies and processes to reduce or even eliminate CO₂ emissions and HSE risks. It opens the need for new, innovative subsea technologies related to the use of e-fuel as a source of energy combined with new […]

ExxonMobil – Amanda Hill

Subsea Gas Reinjection as a Novel, Lower Emissions Solution for Gas Constrained Developments In many offshore oil and gas fields, gas is injected into the reservoir for production support or disposal. Hydrocarbons travel from production wells to a topside processing facility, where gas is separated and compressed before flowing to injection wells. This requires substantial […]

Total Energies – Marianna Rondon

Subsea to shore schemes for gas fields: subsea gas dehydration and compression In the current energy transition scenario, natural gas represents one of the main pillars. In 2015, TotalEnergies and Aker Solutions presented two promising schemes to produce a challenging notional gas field located 2500 meters water depth and 300 km from shore using only […]

Norske Shell – Andrea Sætre

Qualification Testing of the World’s Largest Subsea Compression Power System The record-breaking 32 MW subsea compression system for Ormen Lange is in its final delivery stages and recently reached a major testing milestone. The power system, a gamechanger for large scale subsea processing equipment and the world’s longest subsea power step out, has now been […]